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In order to avoid rain erosion, the coal slime dryer is essential for timely attention to weather changes.

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Summer is a rainy and humid season, so summer should pay special attention to the problem of moisture-proof of the slime dryer, to achieve the anticorrosion of the slime dryer, moisture-proof work is imperative.

Before and after the rainy season, all the staff of the slime dryer are required to carry out the safety inspection and repair of the relevant machinery and equipment. If parts are found to be damaged, it is necessary to do a good job in order to avoid any safety incidents and eventually affect the progress of the production of slime in the peak season. It is better not to overload the equipment, because this is the most likely to cause damage to the entire mechanical equipment, reasonable assembly is the most important.

Maintenance of slime dryer products is very important in peacetime, because sometimes the workload is relatively large will often produce equipment overload, so its maintenance work is also more important, especially in some rainy seasons, slime dryer is most likely to produce wet phenomenon, so we need more. Attention, slime dryer products often leak outdoors, so most of the equipment is metal products, rain will produce rust, in order to avoid rain erosion, timely attention to weather changes is essential. Do a good job of protective measures.

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