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(1) pre-sale service:

1. Before signing the formal contract, our personnel will conduct field test with you on the installation site (site) to help finalize; under the premise of ensuring the use, apply the latest concepts, put forward reasonable suggestions, and strive to reduce the purchase and operation costs.

2, check the design drawings and checklists, thoroughly install and use the intention to avoid mistakes.

3, if there is any change before commissioning, we need to comply with the requirements without any conditions.

(two) sale in service:

1. The products are shipped to the construction site.

2, provide complete technical manuals, certificates, quality assurance books and other technical information.

3, guide the installation, assist commissioning, ensure that the completion of the project completion of fire and civil air defense acceptance of products passed.

(three) after-sales service:

We have prepared sufficient spare parts, will be preferential prices, high-quality products, short time to provide you, to ensure that your continuous production.

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