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Introduction and production performance of flash dryer

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Introduction and production performance of flash dryer

The drying of flash dryer is the most commonly used unit operation. The production of bulk drugs and preparations has been widely applied. From the heat transfer method, convection, conduction, radiation and so on. The existing drying equipment is convection heat transfer drying, hot air drying, hot air drying contact, heat transfer and evaporation. Typical parallel flow dryer equipment, ventilation dryer, rotary dryer, dryer, fluidized bed dryer, spray dryer application, those, plus, prototype variants, and so on. Air drying, fluidized bed drying and spray dryer are hot air as heat source, such as drying, but also complete the processing of materials, the main feature is not to drive part of the convection drying process of energy saving drier exhaust dust and stench, when large air volume should end well.

Performance advantages of flash dryer

1, set up scraper on the stirring teeth of flash dryer, and keep the machine shaving in time. Avoid sticking to the wall to ensure normal operation of the equipment, stable and reliable.

2. Continuous operation, stepless speed control motor feed rate, stirring shaft revolution can be adjusted according to the size of different products, and the degree of hot air can also be adjusted to ensure that the drying materials of the technical indicators.

3. Fully enclosed flash dryer drying process, and according to negative pressure operation, materials do not leak, no pollution to the environment, safety and health.

4. It can dry paste, filter cake and so on. Flash dryer instantaneously requires drying heat-sensitive materials during the drying process to ensure product quality. The inherent agitator can also process slightly sticky material at high speed and heat drying.

5. Granular flow is dispersed at high speed, with short drying time, high speed and high heat efficiency.

6. During the drying process, the material is not diluted to reduce evaporation of water, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

7. The flash dryer is compact in structure and occupies a small area. Dry, smashed and graded use is an organic combination of Hydrocyclone technology, streaming media technology, spray technology and convection heat transfer technology. It does not crush, filter, simplify the production process, save power and equipment costs.

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