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Brief introduction of function

1. the hot air drying oven is a kind of outer wall insulation, which is similar to a box dryer. It is suitable for drying small batch and multi variety materials. Box dryer is generally intermittent operation, simple equipment structure, small investment, easy operation and maintenance, low failure rate.

2. Box dryer can be divided into parallel cross-flow and cross-flow longitudinal wind according to the different internal air flow.

3. The circulating fan installed in the upper air duct of the drying box converts the electric heating or steam heat energy into hot air, and evenly sends the material to the drying room after distributing the air through the air conditioning plate. After the hot air contacts and exchanges with the material, it carries a large amount of moisture and hot air, part of which is discharged into the outside world by the exhaust fan through the outlet. The atmosphere (draining) and the other part are recycled through the air inlet to the circulating fan.

4. The hot air temperature and drying time in the oven can be set according to the types of materials to be dried and the technological requirements. The temperature can be set manually and automatically by the electronic control box.

5. the equipment is designed according to the principle of heat exchange, and the box is made of high quality special materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable layout, high temperature control accuracy, good insulation performance, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable operation. It is an ideal equipment for drying all kinds of materials. The energy of this equipment is clean energy, totally sealed and basically closed circuit.

Two. Use of drying box

The equipment is mainly used for processing medicinal materials, sesame seeds, vegetables, preserved fruits, seafood and flowers, such as American ginseng, red ginseng, ginseng, white ginseng, sun-dried ginseng, Prince ginseng, Angelica sinensis, Cordyceps sinensis, honeysuckle, Artemisia annua, Schisandra chinensis, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cistanche deserticola, astragalus, dendrobium, platycodon, konjac, yam, corn seeds, tobacco species. Seeds, pumpkins, onions, spinach, ferns, wild vegetables, carrots, celery, cowpeas, peppers, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, fungus, garlic, ginger, raisins, kiwifruit, litchi, banana, hawthorn, cinnamon, dried apples, persimmons, scallops, dried fish, kelp, lees, chrysanthemum, dried roses Drying, drying and drying of food, chemicals, powders, dyestuffs and other important materials.


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