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The difference between drying equipment and drying equipment

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Drying equipment can generally be understood as equipment capable of drying products. It is concerned with the results of drying, not the drying process, such as microwave dryers. It emphasizes the results of microwave drying rather than the process, so drying equipment can be broadly understood as any equipment capable of "drying" products, including "drying". Low temperature drying equipment, high temperature drying equipment, air drying equipment, dehydration equipment, drying equipment, freeze drying equipment, in any way, any method can be called drying equipment.

And what about the drying equipment? It emphasizes the "drying" is a drying method or process, that is, put the product in a certain temperature environment, let it accept the environment temperature "drying", get the result of drying. For example, microwave drying equipment, it emphasizes the use of microwave generated temperature to provide temperature for drying products, it emphasizes the "drying" process.

Therefore, drying is a method of drying, drying equipment is only one of the drying equipment, it is only one of the drying equipment using drying method for drying equipment. It may be said that drying equipment includes drying equipment, and drying equipment is only a common drying equipment among many drying equipment, they are included and belong to the relationship.

The development of microwave drying equipment manufacturing industry in China has been over 10 years. At present, the domestic market needs conventional microwave drying equipment or some new requirements of partial door drying equipment, China can basically make their own microwave drying equipment is basically no need to import.

With the acceleration of economic globalization, drying equipment industry has more multinational companies to target the Chinese market. Nowadays, the world's famous drying equipment manufacturers, such as the Danish Nile Group, Japan's Ogawa original company has set up branches in China. In the face of more advanced technology, higher-end products and more intense competition, our enterprises must improve product quality, shape brand image, optimize industrial structure and improve the level of development by cultivating internal skills and strengthening independent innovation.

When we want to dehydrate a product, we will think of dryer or dryer, will look up the relevant information about drying equipment and drying equipment, because the relevant information of such products is particularly large, so many times we will be drying equipment and drying equipment confused, do not know how to do. The difference between drying equipment and drying equipment. Here is a simple analysis based on personal understanding.

It is understood that the main products of microwave drying equipment in China are microwave vacuum drying equipment, tunnel type microwave drying equipment, cabinet type microwave drying equipment, etc. The application areas are mainly coastal cities with relatively developed economy, and gradually develop to the inland in recent two years. Microwave drying equipment accounts for less than 10% of the conventional drying equipment in the whole drying equipment line. The ability of microwave drying enterprises in China to undertake large-scale drying projects needs to be strengthened.

In the international market competition, the main competitors of China's drying equipment manufacturers are Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with the competitors, the drying equipment in our country is inexpensive, but there are obvious differences in the degree of automation control, appearance design, complete set and function combination. At the same time, although the drying enterprises in our country have formed many distinctive products, such as spray dryer, internally heated fluidized bed dryer and flash dryer, the original innovative products are few, and there is still a certain distance between processing quality, environmental protection requirements and humanized design.

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