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Wood drying equipment is a kind of large-scale drying equipment used in wood production. The kiln body of all aluminum alloy drying kiln is composed of inner and outer aluminum plate, insulation layer, column and truss. The internal and external panels are made of 1 mm 3003 high corrosion resistant aluminum alloy plate, the insulation material is centrifugal glass wool, and the columns and trusses are made of dissimilar aluminum alloy profiles.
Hardwood drying kiln
Hardwood drying kiln can be used as furniture wood drying equipment. Hardwood drying kilns usually keep high dry bulb temperature below 70 ℃. For hardwood producers, drying is an opportunity to add value to their products and to enter new markets that were not previously available. For most hardwood users, such as furniture manufacturers, wood drying is an essential process in the manufacturing process. For a part of the manufacturing process, control the cost. Hot water heating is one of the more economical means.
Cork drying kiln
Our cork drying kiln adopts the advanced technology. The heating speed and circulating wind speed are greatly improved and the drying time is greatly shortened compared with the conventional hardwood drying equipment. It not only saves energy, but also improves the production efficiency and increases the economic benefits. Most softwood drying kilns are usually operated at a high temperature below 100 ° C, and are often used for conifer and softwood drying.
Description of wood drying kiln
1. Use automatic and semi-automatic control system
2. The kiln body can be divided into all aluminum alloy kiln body or civil engineering shell
The kiln is light and easy to open or hang
4. The feeding mode is forklift feeding or rail car feeding
5. The heating medium is steam, hot water, heat transfer oil, furnace gas or electricity
Characteristics of wood drying kiln:
1. Low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and low power consumption;
2. Low investment, using wood processing residue as fuel, low drying cost;
3. Convenient humidity control, good heat and humidity treatment effect, uniform air circulation and good wood drying quality;
4. Simple operation and easy maintenance;
5. Compact structure, light weight, movable, independent and modular, easy to install and debug
The working process of wood drying kiln is as follows
1. The wood processing waste is collected to the silo
2. The wood waste is quantitatively transported to the combustion furnace for combustion by the screw conveyor through the discharger
3. The generated steam, hot water, heat transfer oil or furnace gas are sent to the drying kiln for heating

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