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Wood high temperature heat treatment equipment follows the theme of environmental protection, low carbon and green, creates harmony between man and nature, shortens the distance between man and nature, and brings the reality of man and nature.
The wood treated by high temperature carbonization technology of wood high temperature heat treatment equipment has better anti-corrosion and anti insect function due to the destruction of its nutrients. The product has better physical properties due to the recombination of its water absorbing functional group hemicellulose. Although the product has anti-corrosion and anti insect properties, it does not contain harmful substances, which not only improves the service life of wood, but also does not have negative effects on human body, animals and environment in the production process, use process and waste disposal process after use.
Using years of wood science and wood drying knowledge, equipment and technology, the company has designed and developed a set of carbonized wood production equipment with intelligent (touch screen) control. The advent of this high temperature heat treatment equipment, with stable carbonization quality, high degree of automation and reasonable price, has won the market and is favored by customers.
Carbonized wood is the main replacement product after the prohibition of CCA preservative wood. Deep carbonized anticorrosive wood is widely used in wallboard, outdoor floor, kitchen decoration, sauna room decoration, furniture and many other aspects.
It can do for you:
1. More environmentally friendly anticorrosive materials
2. No chemicals required
3. Different treatment levels can improve the aging resistance in different degrees
4. Lower moisture absorption
5. Lower moldiness
6. Higher weatherability
7. The possibility of deformation due to humidity is 30-90% lower than that of ordinary wood
8. The splitting strength is reduced by 50%
9. Drying or evaporation of resin
10. The balance humidity is 10-50% lower than that of untreated wood
11. Different colors are determined by different needs
In addition to the standard equipment, the equipment can be customized according to the customer's site and wood specifications. Customers can put forward requirements according to their own needs and make suitable equipment according to different actual situations. To meet the needs of specific functions of customers. 

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