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According to the actual needs of customers to customize a variety of models of dryer.
The drying machine of honeysuckle adopts low temperature and no green, strengthens the circulation air for constant temperature and humidity drying, and the drying process is solidified in the microcomputer, with high degree of intelligence, no need for special person to take care of, keeping the natural color (green) and full shape of honeysuckle, no damage to nutrients, and high drug effect. The dryer is suitable for honeysuckle, Dried kelp, laver, dried fish, dried shrimps, squid, fillets, sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood drying, also suitable for dried bamboo shoots, fungi, garlic, flowers, dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potato, corn, peas, beans, coconut, betel nut, agaric and other agricultural and sideline products drying, and honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, Salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicine drying.
1. Performance introduction
The dryer is the equipment for baking honeysuckle, which is composed of heating room and material room. The main equipment includes heating equipment, ventilation and moisture removal equipment, temperature and humidity control equipment. The closed descending circulation of hot air in the drying box has high thermal efficiency, energy saving and no secondary pollution, which meets the requirements of national food hygiene standards.
2. Material room
The material is placed in the form of tray structure, and the material room is separated from the heating room by aluminum plate, which is called the air baffle. The equipment is isolated from the drying room, so the dried medicinal materials will not be exposed to sulfur dioxide gas, let alone fire.
3. Heating room
Install electric heating equipment, generate hot air space, install forced draft fan in appropriate position, forced air circulation of fan, make the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of dryer small, unique adjustable air distribution perforated plate, ensure uniform temperature
4. Hot air conveying mode
The circulation fan sends the hot air into the hot air channel, and then enters the material room through the small holes on the tray frame. This kind of air supply mode on the left and right sides makes the drying more uniform.
5. Heating equipment
Electric heating, or burning coal (heating source can be selected). The machine has reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, stable operation, simple use, long service life and low operation cost. Reasonable energy can be selected according to the situation.
6. Ventilation and dehumidification equipment
The equipment can be divided into three types: bottom ventilation, side ventilation and top ventilation. It can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of different medicinal materials and guest rooms, and equipped with a strong wind direction exchange system to make the whole drying room have sufficient air flow. Automatic control of temperature and humidity in drying box ensures the proper temperature and humidity for drying (including automatic heating, intelligent dehumidification and dehumidification system). Step control of drying time realizes automatic management, with alarm.
Operating instructions of the controller:
1. Temperature display: set the temperature as the automatic heating control range in the oven, generally can set 40-80 degrees, low temperature heating, high temperature stop, can keep the oven constant temperature.
2. Temperature and humidity: set the humidity as the control range of automatic moisture removal in the oven, intelligent self-control fuzzy moisture removal, the humidity control error in the oven is 3%, which can automatically control the humidity in the oven. Ensure that the moisture is removed in time.
3. Time step control: H, m and s are hours, minutes and seconds respectively. This device can select H (hour) and set the required time. Time to set time. Keep constant temperature and humidity in the box
4. Fan knob: positive and negative rotation can be automatic or manual, and the fan will run after it is turned on. The temperature in the oven is uniform and the drying effect is good

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