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working principle
(1) Compression process: low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas by compressor. At this time, the work done by the compressor is transformed into the internal energy of the refrigerant gas, which makes the temperature and pressure increase. It is called a thermal process in thermodynamics.
(2) Condensation process: the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas from the compressor flows through the condenser and uses wind or water to continuously release heat to the outside world to condense into medium temperature and high-pressure refrigerant liquid. During liquefaction, the temperature of refrigerant decreases but the pressure remains unchanged, which is called isobaric process in thermodynamics.
(3) Throttling process: the refrigerant liquid with medium temperature and high pressure from the condenser is throttled by the throttling device to become low temperature and low pressure refrigerant liquid. In thermodynamics, it is called isoenthalpy process.
(4) The process of refrigerant flowing from a low-pressure evaporator to a low-temperature evaporator. The absorbed heat becomes the latent heat of the refrigerant. Although the temperature rises little, the internal energy increases a lot. Because the pressure changes little, it is called isobaric process in thermodynamics.
Working principle diagram
Influence of high temperature heat pump
The emergence of high-temperature heat pump expands the application field of heat pump. It can directly recycle the low-grade surplus (waste) heat resources of 20 ~ 55 degrees, and produce 65 ~ 95 degrees hot water, which is used in heating, crude oil heating, industrial insulation, production heat and other fields. Instead of oil, gas and coal-fired boilers, it can save a lot of primary energy and has very good energy saving and environmental protection benefits.
technical requirement
Compared with the air source heat pump technology whose output temperature is below 60 ℃, the heat pump heating temperature can reach above 60 ℃ without changing the operating environment of the equipment, and maintain a high operating efficiency and stable operating state. Generally, the following key technical problems need to be solved.
1. Compressor selection: the commonly used compressor types of heat pump equipment are screw compressor, fully enclosed scroll compressor and semi enclosed piston compressor, etc. through the comparative study on the working characteristics of different types of compressors, the fully enclosed scroll compressor is generally selected for high temperature air source heat pump equipment.
2. Selection of working medium: in order to ensure that high temperature heat pump equipment can be used under stable allowable working pressure, special refrigerant is used as working medium, with high heat exchange efficiency, less environmental pollution and no damage to ozone layer.
3. Optimization of fluorine system control: ensure the long-term high-temperature stable operation and service life of the whole unit, and automatically adjust the operation status and components of high-temperature air heat pump equipment according to the ambient temperature and evaporation temperature.
Advantages of closed loop drying technology
1. Only water is discharged in the drying process, there is almost no energy loss, and the energy is basically recovered, so the efficiency is very high, which is several times of the traditional open-loop drying method;
2. The efficiency has nothing to do with the outside temperature and humidity, and the effect is the same in all seasons and dry climate;
3. Dust from outside can not enter, so it is safe and hygienic, and can meet the health needs of all kinds of goods;
4. Because the drying process is closed-loop and medium low temperature drying, it will not damage the dried goods, and ensure the quality and quality of the goods.
5. Dehydration drying is adopted, so the drying board room will not be steaming, reducing the bacteria breeding in the drying process
6. Due to the closed-loop mode, strong wind convection can be used (it is difficult to use strong wind convection in traditional open-loop mode), without dead angle and uniform;
7. Hanging and placing mode, strong wind convection, so the drying process does not need to turn, saving labor costs;
8. Compatible design of stand-alone / Networking / network connection, full computer control, and remote monitoring through computer or mobile phone;
9. The board room and shelf are simple and flexible, with large drying capacity. It can be used by any number of hosts side by side, and can be designed as board room type or assembly line type.

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