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Working principle of grain drying tower

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The grain in the hopper is lifted to the top of the main silo by the elevator, and then the grain is fed into the drying box until it is filled by the upper stirring dragon. When drying, the grain dispatching mechanism continuously discharges the grain at the bottom of the drying section to the lower stirring dragon, the lower stirring dragon lifts the grain to the upper stirring dragon, and then the upper stirring dragon delivers the grain to the slower warehouse. Under the action of self-weight, the grain in the slower warehouse moves slowly from top to bottom to four drying sections, and the grain enters the drying section from the moment to the first. The two time to enter the drying section is a cycle. The air heated indirectly by the hot stove is fed into the hot air chamber of the drying section under the action of the centrifugal induced draft fan. The hot air from the hot air chamber passes through the grain layer of the drying section continuously and horizontally, and the direction of the flow of the wind and the direction of the grain release cross each other. After drying, the exhaust gas from the exhaust gas chamber is circulated and dried again and again until the moisture content of the grain meets the requirement of the human silo standard, and the second grain is not ventilated and heated during the period of entering the gentle Soviet zone, but the grain has just left the drying zone and maintains a certain temperature due to the surface and interior of the grain. Temperature difference and humidity difference existed, which promoted the moisture inside the grain to move outward gradually and to balance gradually, creating conditions for the next cycle of heating and precipitation.

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